It's always good to use prepared packages for your distribution. Search in distribution's repositories or in our sourceforge download area.

  • Suse/openSUSE
    • TOra repository - packages for openSUSE (11.x and later) and SLE too. All RPMs are built against Oracle 11.2 client. Packages contain tora (with Oracle support) and tora-no-oracle (MySQL and PostgreSQL) - all is available in the menu) (thanks to: Packman)
  • Gentoo - TOra is in the main portage tree: dev-db/tora
  • Mandriva, Fedora, RHEL, Mageia - packages available at sourceforge. Warning: packages can contain various dependencies.
  • Debian - only amd64 package for now at sourceforge.
  • Ubuntu - there is a package in universe repository but there are no additional info id it's available with Oracle support.

You can always build your own TOra from source code. See Development section for howto

MS Windows

There are Windows (32bit) binaries available in our sourceforge download area.

  1. Setup package - contains TOra installer.
  2. Zip package - contains TOra without installation program. Just “unpack and run”.

Important! Because of legal reasons TOra comes with a stub oci.dll file which makes it possible to use TOra with non Oracle databases even when Oracle client is not installed. If you need to access Oracle - you must install Oracle client (for example oracle instant client) and delete stub oci.dll from TOra installation folder.

Mac OS X

  1. Mac standalone binaries are available (since version 2.1.1) in the sourceforge download area as DMG files - Mac's standard installation packages.
  2. TOra is also available in Macports.

Visit Mac dedicated page for more.

Other operating systems

TOra can be compiled on every system where is Qt4 and Oracle client available. Probably. Let us know your experiences with it, please.


You can download TOra documentation (the same one as presented in TOra's help) in one pdf file.

Be sure and view the wiki at

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